Welcome to LurgNet, a small yet happy community of Minecraft players. Currently we

host the Sky Factory 4 modpack, but have plans on expanding this to include several other popular packs. The staff here at LurgNet aim to provide a fast, stable, reliable service where you can enjoy a minimised ban-list (only items that fundamentally break the game or server will ever be banned), friendly players, and great content.

We host on dedicated hardware - a 64GB RAM physical host in a Sydney-based datacentre, using NVMe solid-state storage for everything. This, plus high-speed networking, means we have awesomely low pings for anybody on this side of the planet, and decent ping even for the United States. In fact, about half of our players are from the US!

Here in our store, you have the opportunity to both purchase enhancements to the game itself, and to support the cost of hosting. All proceeds from this store go directly towards the cost of providing this service, including server hosting, bandwidth costs and software licensing. Anything you contribute is greatly appreciated!

We host a wide range of servers, including Sky Factory 4, Prison, 1.17.1 Survival/RPG, and Pixelmon. Our Lobby / Hub includes a rich, complex map with quests and mini-games, as well as some really nice builds. The Spleef arena in particular is a staff favourite.

You can connect to our servers through minecraft.lurgcraft.com, or directly to any of our game worlds using the game name (sf4.lurgcraft.com, prison.lurgcraft.com, etc). The Lobby, Prison and Vanilla servers accept clients from 1.8.8 all the way up to 1.17.1, while Sky Factory 4 does require the official SF4 modpack.

Our team can be reached through our Discord. Jump on, say hi, and see what you think.