Name: Ultimate: Apiarist Kit
Price: 14.99 AUD

Hunting bees can be a real pain. All those variants, half of which seem determined to sting you to death, spread out in all those random locations! This kit provides you a super-quick way to obtain at least a few of each hive without having to explore for huge amounts of time.

You'll still need to breed them and setup for the basics, but this kit is a huge head-start.

When you purchase this kit you will receive it in-game inside a Shulker Box. Place the box and open it like a chest to retrieve the items. The Shulker Box will fall on the ground if your inventory is full, so check before purchasing!

This kit contains:

  • 4 x Water Hive
  • 4 x Rock Hive
  • 4 x Meadows Hive
  • 4 x Forest Hive
  • 4 x Marshy Hive
  • 4 x Tropical Hive
  • 4 x Marble Hive
  • 4 x Wintry Hive
  • 4 x Modest Hive
  • 4 x Deep Hive
  • 4 x Ender Hive
  • 4 x Oblivion Hive
  • 4 x Nether Hive
  • 4 x Infernal Hive
  • 4 x Resonating Hive
  • 4 x Unusual Hive
  • 4 x Curious Hive
  • 8 x Bee House (little bitty home for little sting beasts)
  • 2 x Squeezer
  • 3 x Centrifuge (one for each of main liquids)
  • 2 x Carpenter
  • 1 x Wrench (Forestry)
  • 1 x Manasteel Scoop (lightly enchanted, for extra flavour)

Buzzy, buzzy goodness.