Name: Overlord Rank (Global)
Price: 179.99 AUD

This GLOBAL rank entitles you to the top-tier donor rank on all LurgCraft servers, as well as any new servers we might release in future. Some of the highlights of this rank include...

  • Global: access to Nicknames, ChatColor, and a unique rank
  • SF4: Flight, God mode, custom enchantments, and the ability to spawn in player skulls (Legend rank)
  • Survival: Keep-inventory, access to higher-tier crate keys when voting, items drop directly into your inventory, and /heal (Shark rank)
  • Prison: Dedicated donor-mines with higher-yield loot, /repair (no more broken pickaxes!), flight, and /autosell (Emperor rank)
  • StoneBlock 2: High-end starter kit, a weekly loot kit, God mode, custom enchantments, flight, no cool-down on teleport and much more (Architect rank)
  • OneBlock: Automatic tool selection, double token drops, sign editing, and more Minions to do your mining, selling, building, sorting and farming for you (Mega rank)
  • Discord: Gain a custom-colour Discord rank (only condition is that it cannot clash with an existing rank colour)

Plus donor-perks in the lobby! All up, this is roughly a 40% discount compared to buying the full suite of ranks, and will only become more valuable over time (as more features are added to the network).

Note: Does not include in-game currency "gift" included with the individual ranks.