Name: SF4: Full set of Glitch gear
Price: 9.99 AUD

Ever wanted to be able to fly, but also have strong armor and a decent weapon? Glitch armor is brilliant for this - it provides a nice high armor bonus, plus when you have a full set of it on you get +18% chance that mobs will drop Pristine Matter any time a Data Model gains Data, Flight, and immunity to fall damage. Not a bad collection eh?

The Glitch Infused Sword is also pretty helpful - it doubles any mob learning when gathering Data, and each time you get a kill there's a (small) chance that the sword's damage will receive a permanent damage increase. Damage starts at 10, but can gain up to 18 bonus through use!

When you purchase this kit you will receive it in-game inside a Shulker Box. Place the box and open it like a chest to retrieve the items. If your inventory is full, the Shulker Box will fall on the ground.

This kit contains:

  • Glitch Infused Helmet
  • Glitch Infused Chestplate
  • Glitch Infused Leggings
  • Glitch Infused Greaves (boots)
  • Glitch Infused Sword

So Creative Flight, no fall damage, faster mob learning, and tons of damage!