Name: ATM7: Applied Energistics 2 Intermediate Pack
Price: 24.99 AUD

Basic AE2 is nice, but there's so much depth to Applied Energistics. This intermediate-level kit provides many of the items that can be used once you already have a basic AE2 setup.

Tricky things, like large quantities of colour-coded Dense Smart cables, so you can organise your crafting, better ways to make processors, and of course automated crafting.

It's expected that you have a basic AE2 setup before purchasing this kit. Alternatively, check out our AE2 Starter Pack, which includes heaps of handy items.

When you purchase this kit you will receive it in-game immediately in the form of a Shulker Box. If your inventory is full, the items will be lost and will not be reimbursed.

This kit contains:

  • Network basics
    • 4 x ME Controller (so you have more surface area to plug cables into)
    • 1 x ME Drive (put your storage cells in here)
    • 2 x 256k ME Storage Cell (each holds up to 63 different item types)
    • 1 x Network Tool (for bughunting)
    • 32 x Acceleration Card (go faster!)
    • 1 x Dense Energy Cell (so those Acceleration Cards don't overwhelm your power grid)
  • Plenty of cables
    • 256 x Fluix ME Glass Cable
    • 384 x ME Dense Smart Cable (one stack each of six different colours)
  • Auto-crafting gear
    • 1 x Pattern Encoding Terminal (to write those ideas down)
    • 64 x Blank Pattern
    • 1 x Universal Press (it acts like a bit of a Press wildcard)
    • 1 x Advanced Inscriber (this one even puts the crafted items straight into your AE2 storage)
    • 4 x Molecular Assembler (3D printing for Minecraft)
    • 1 x 64k Crafting Storage
    • 2 x Crafting Co-Processing Unit
    • 1 x Crafting Unit
    • 1 x Material Stonework Factory (for making sand, you're gonna need a lot)
    • 8 x ME Interface (critical for that auto-crafting setup)

This is a LOT of stuff, but even then it's not the end for AE2. There's so much more, but this kit will take you a LONG way towards having a complete digital storage setup.

Digital storage... it's the future.