For several years LurgCraft was one of the most successful Minecraft networks in the southern hemisphere. Founded in direct response to the toxic leadership found in several of the larger networks, it was designed to provide a safe place for nice players.

As a result, some of the nicest players on the Internet played here, enjoying a wide range of modern modpacks (rather than just sticking with boring old 1.12.2 packs that haven't changed in years) on ridiculously good hardware. Great packs that we hosted included StoneBlock 3, All The Mods 7 (both regular, and To The Sky), Direwolf20 as well as a really good Survival setup that was technically a Vanilla box, but included plenty of custom features.

LurgCraft ceased hosting game servers towards the end of January 2024. Thank you to all the players and staff who worked together to make this network possible.